The Advantages Of Biomass Gasification

- Dec 26, 2017 -

There is a huge amount of solid biomass available in China, mainly agricultural wastes and wood wastes. Due to the scattered biomass distribution, difficulties of collection and transportation, it is difficult to adopt large-scale combustion technology under current conditions in China. Therefore, the small and medium-sized biomass gasification power generation technology (200-5000 kW) has unique advantages in China. Due to the tight electricity supply in China and serious waste of biomass waste and low prices, the cost of biomass gasification power generation is about 0.2-0.3 yuan / kWh, which is close to or better than conventional power generation. The unit investment is only about 3500-4000 yuan / Kw, 60% -70% of coal, so have the conditions to enter the market competition. At present, China has the capacity to build a MW-class biomass gasification power generation project. However, there are still some technical problems, the most prominent is the secondary pollution of water and the applicability of various types of biomass is not strong, and the system power generation efficiency is low, the thermal efficiency of only about 15%.

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