New Energy Development

- Dec 26, 2017 -

As a transportation vehicle, every day to emit a large amount of carbon, nitrogen, sulfur oxides, hydrocarbons, lead compounds and other air pollutants, is an important source of air pollution, human health and the environment seriously The harm. Energy-saving emission reduction is the eternal theme of the development of the automotive industry, continue to strengthen energy-saving emission reduction has become China's economy to achieve sound and rapid development of the urgent needs.

In developed countries, the demand for oil is determined by cars, and the key factors that affect the emission of greenhouse gases and harmful gases. The goal of environmental protection needs to reduce the oil consumption and gas emissions of automobiles. However, on the other hand, the automobile is a pillar industry as well as a basic means of transportation. Governments of all countries also need to maintain the development of automobiles to promote economic development and improvement of people's living standards. The development of energy-saving and environment-friendly vehicles can reduce petroleum consumption and protect the atmospheric environment while maintaining the growth of vehicles. Therefore, governments of all countries generally consider developing energy-saving and environment-friendly vehicles as an important part of their energy and environment policies and the sustainable development of automobile industry.

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