Biomass Gasifier Product Performance

- Dec 26, 2017 -

1, do not any additives: take any kind of flammable substances can be used.

2, wide use: cooking cooking, boil water heating, township enterprises restaurants, urban gear, cooking livestock food and shower, hotbed and so on.

3, environmental protection and energy saving: Each kilogram of fuel can produce gas 2.1m3, the use of smokeless emissions, each plus 2-3 kg of fuel, you can continue to use gas 90-180 minutes, the way constant gas.

4, the use of safety: Straw gas is atmospheric pressure, without any safety accident.

5, Stove separation: Stove installation are all connected through pipelines, and can be installed at any distance within 8 meters. It can completely isolate straw dust pollution and improve the quality of life.

6, the product structure: all cast iron parts, assembly type, assembly for the whole machinery production, product accuracy.

7, the bonding material: Furnace junction welding rate of 5%, the entire furnace refractory chemical raw materials formula, high temperature after bonding does not crack, not aging, do not fall off easy to remove.

8, product light: Each kiln weighs 46 kilograms, 94 centimeters high, 38 centimeters in diameter.

9, the service life: Users can dismantle the repair within 60 minutes, the service life of 10-15 years.

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