Biological Gasifier Product Advantages

- Dec 26, 2017 -

1, a multi-purpose furnace, while heating can cook, boil water, bathing.

2, super conversion system, start heat transfer temperature is low, heat transfer speed.

3, low installation costs, heating safety: universal equipment, do not change the original heating equipment, pipes, radiators common, the use of water circulation to achieve heating effect; heating speed, heating area up to 60-500 square meters, the system is not afraid of freezing , 24 hours heating, long service life.

4, less energy consumption, low cost: a wide range of raw materials, never depleted, anywhere desirable (such as: chaff, corn stalks, rice straw, straw, sesame straw, peanut shells, branches, sawdust, weeds, etc.) Material flammable agriculture, forest waste. The use of advanced packing technology and efficient gasification technology, continuous gas production, long time, feeding time available 7-10 days; can completely replace the traditional high-energy-consuming heating. Can be used for the transformation of traditional boilers or new installations.

5, safety and environmental protection: work pressure is small, there is no exhaust gas exclusion, there will be no danger of explosion, will not be caused by coal-fired exhaust gas on the human body to cause harm, and environmental protection.

6, Wide range of applications: Especially for the majority of rural home cooking, cooking, boiling water, bathing, heating, etc., but also suitable for burning boilers, greenhouses heating, heating a large area, small hotels, without season restrictions, all year round Can be used.

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